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African Black Oystercatcher

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The African black oystercatcher otherwise known as Haematopus Moquini.

This beautiful bird with its jet black plumage, orange circled eyes, legs and dagger- shaped beak has captured our attention during our walks here at the Bot River Mouth and various beaches of Hermanus, Western Cape.             DSC_0060                                                                                                                      The first thing that always draws our attention to their presence while walking on the beach is the cute   unmistakable squeaky-bath-toy sound they make while flying.

It is said the African black oyster catcher mates for life and pairs have been know to live up to 20 years. Wow,what an example of loyalty.                                                                                                             DSC_0064   DSC_0073

More interesting facts:

The birds that live on sandy shores eat sand mussels.

The estuarine birds eat cockles and pencil- bait.  

The birds start breeding at 3-4 years of age.                                                                                                                                 Both parents incubate the eggs which hatch after 32 days.  


These birds have been observed to flock or form clubs during the non breeding season as a means of protection. from predators.                                                                                                              DSC_0601                                                                                                                                    Their natural predators are foxes, jackals,genets,snakes and gulls. Holiday makers and dogs are an additional threat. Thankfully beach driving has been banned.    


The birds that live on rocky shores are said to feed on mainly mussels and limpets and fish not oysters.    



This species is now listed as “Near Threatened”

Thanks to the Oystercatcher Conservation Programme initiated by the Percy Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology at the University of Cape Town, the numbers are on the rise again.


Bird lovers will enjoy observing these and many other species in their natural habitat frequenting Fisherhaven and the shores and cliff paths of Hermanus and surrounds.


Kayaking on the Bot River Lagoon

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Fisherhaven Traveller’s Lodge offers kayaking trips on the Bot River Lagoon to guests, weather permitting.

imageimageimageimage  image image


Consent Usage Compliance Certificates & awards

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Fire Safety Compliance    

Fire Safety Compliance certificate

BnB insured

Image (11)Image (12)

Preparation & serving of Food and Beverage


Casual walk from Grotto Beach to Sopiesklip

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Sopiesklip, a tourist attraction for visitors to Hermanus who enjoy exploring.

Curiosity got the better of us after hearing stories of a hollow in a rock with a carved doorway.

We parked our car, kicked off the shoes and began our walk along the sandy beach at Grotto beach.

Watching the birds flying above and frolicking in the waves as they washed the shore kept me mesmerized for most of the walk except for the few times I stopped to pick up an extraordinary shaped stone or shell.

The entire trip there and back took us approximately 3 hours.

The next time I do this trip along the beach, I will be wearing a comfortable pair of walking shoes and bringing along a ruck sack with water or juice.☺

Some of the interesting stories that happened here through the ages;

Sopiesklip was the halfway point along the coast for Gansbaaiers en route to Hermanus and it may have earned it’s name as the ideal place to rest and have something to drink ( ‘n sopie whisky’) before moving on. The soft beach sand must have made it a tiring and tough journey with the ox wagons. “In the footsteps of Lady Ann Barnard” written by Jose Burman

It has also been told that, “in the old days”, when the boats were still manned by rowing teams and sails, the strong winds and current would push the fishing boats into the middle of Walker bay and they would wash up at Sopiesklip.    Through the years the fishermen carved this hollow in the rock and stored glass bottles of brandy with ropes attached in the cave. A place to shelter from the cold wind, waves and have a nip of brandy to keep warm.

Mr Brian Macfarland( Senior) also has a story about an old German called Otto, a recluse, who used to go fishing on a thick – wheel bicycle. He got tired of going up to the rock outcrop and back to Hermanus so he stayed in the cave house which he named, “Die Paradys”


DSC_0010     DSC_0025                                                    Oyster catchers and Kelp Gulls                                                                                                                                      image       image

image      image

Rocky outcrop

image      image

image       image

Beautiful rock formations…….natural artwork on the sand.


I made it!

Eating out?

There is no shortage of great places to have a bite to eat; some have awesome views others just simply have great atmosphere and mouth watering menus to suit every palate, and all within range of where you chance to be when visiting. Whether you are in town or in the surrounds why not try…..

**Annie se Kombuis                    028 313 1350                                                 8Harbour Road Hermanus

**At the Village Stall                    028 3162407                                                 Hemel en Aarde Village

**B’s Steakhouse                             028 316 3625         18h30 till late             Hemel en Aarde Village

**CRAZY HORSE Restaurant    028 312 1944 3                                              Long Str. Hermanus

Mon: Sat 16:00 – 02:00

Sun:  11:30 – 17:00

” Delicious food, legendary service and great music all served up in an atmosphere you can taste”


**Mogg’s Country Cookhouse           028 312 4321/ 076 314 0671          Hemel en Aarde Valley R320

This is a family run restaurant on a beautiful  farm- delicious seasonal menu prepared.

Open lunch- 12h00 to 14h00 : Wed – Sun   NB. No credit card facilities.

Evening functions by arrangement only. 

They cater for weddings.

**Bientangs’s Cave Restaurant           028 312 3454                                    Below Marine Drive                

  Lat -34.42 Long 19.24

Winner of 6 International Awards


A food experience and destination we, at Fisherhaven Travellers Lodge have tried and tested and will continue to recommend to our guests.

“Situated in a traditional cave right on the ocean’s edge. It is known as one of the best land based whale watching restaurants in the world.”

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, parties,weddings or year end functions …….A setting for an unforgettable experience without a doubt.

“…Its more than just food , its an adventure…”

**EAT                                                               028 316 2348                                        Hemel en Aarde Village

Mon: Sat 11h30 till late Sun: 11h30 – 15h00

R70 PENSIONERS LUNCH between 12h00 – 17h00 including a glass of red/white wine soft drink, coffee or tea.

**Fusion Restaurant                        0283124277                                           Hermanus  

IMG_2900 Fusion IMG_2901Fus1                     

Now this restaurant has the WOW factor, Fisherhaven Travellers Lodge likes to share with guests, using our accommodation. Everyone needs to eat and what a pleasure it is to be able to share that not only is the food great but the view and the service too.

The menu has good variety so you are sure to find something to satisfy.

The sea view with its crisp fresh air and mountains in the background sets the perfect stage for your eating experience.

**Fabio’s Ristorante                                   028 313 0532                                      60 St Peters Lane                            GPS: S34 25′ 14″ E 19 14′ 29″

Open for Lunch & Dinner 11am till late.

Authentic Italian Restaurant.

Great Food, Good Music, Friendly Service, Lovely Ambience.

CO’S  Island Grill and Cocktail Bar     028 313 1178      Upstairs at Village Square, Marine Drive

Open 365 days a year -08h00 till late.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and more…

DJ Point after 10pm Fri & Sat

**SIMPLY ASIA Thai Food and noodle bar  028 312 1577     Shop 2a Main Road, Hermanus

Authentic Thai cuisine prepared by real Thai chefs.

No MSG in any of their dishes.

**Ocean Basket                        028 312 1313                          First Floor,Village Square, Marine Drive,    Hermanus

Open 7 days a week

**DUTCHIES                             028 314 1392                                          Grotto Beach, Voelklip, Hermanus

Open 7 days a week  08h00 till late.

Exotic cocktails, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner and Tapas

*Lemon- Butta                       028 312 3611                                           Village Square, upstairs, Marine Drive.

Open 7 days a week

Rock Shrimp California Rolls, Salmon Ceviche, Sesame Crusted Tuna Steak

**Oskars                                     028 312 3873                                      Village Square

Open daily from 8am – 9pm   Sun 8am – 5pm

**Feathers Bistro                   028 316 4081                                     Hemel en Aarde Village

Open Mon – Sat 08h30 – 17h00

**Die Plaaskombuis              028 312 1857                                     Hemel en Aarde Valley Vrede Farm, R320

Bobotie, Curried Bunny Chow, Farm Style Home Baked Pies.

Open 7 days a week

**Italian Rossi’s Restaurant        028 312 2848

 10 High Street, Hermanus

Open daily 11am till late

Linguine Al Frutti Di Mare, Scaloppine alla Valdostana

**DE VOORSKOOTEN           028 312 2689                              4 Aberdeen Street, Hermanus

Open Daily except Tuesdays

Fine dine lunch & dinner

Cafe Society during the day.

(Exclusive whiskey & wine bar – The Gundeck)

*Paradiso                               028 313 1153                                             83 Marine Drive, Hermanus

Speciality Seafood dishes

Open Daily

**MILKWOOD                      028 316 1516                                           Onrus Beach, Atlantic Drive, Onrus

Open 7 days a week 9am – 9 pm

**The Cuckoo Tree              028 312 3430/082 443 3154           Cnr High & Dirkie Uys Street, Hermanus

Breakfasts &Light Lunches

Patagonian Baby Squid


Crispy Duck

Vegetarian Options

Stirfrys, quiche and Antipasti Open Sandwhiches

**Fishermans Cottage      028 312 3642/082 556 5107

Open 7 days a week

Traditional Fish & Chips

Home- Smoked Fish Salad

Roasted Bone Marrow with caramalised onions

**Cattle Baron Grill and Bistro      028 313 0384                               2 Harbour Road, Hermanus

**The Class Room                               028 316 3582                                Hemel en Aarde Village

**Bojangles Pub                                  028 313 1406                      121 Main Road Hermanus

Events advertised: Tues: Open Pool competition

                                   Wed: Karaoke night

                                    Fri & Sat: DJ Tom


A popular and recommended place to buy fresh fish.

You can choose from a range of fresh fish.

The friendly ladies will descale and prepare the fish for you while you wait or

you can order the most delicious fried take away. Your choice.

**La Pentola                               028 313 1685               87 Marine Drive Village Square Hermanus

WINTER SPECIALS: 2 Course Lunch  R75

                                             Lamb Shank R125                    Open Mon – Sun

                                             Crayfish         R135




Flock of Greater Flamingos spotted at Bot River Lagoon

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Greater Flamingo scientifically classified as ‘phoenicopterus roseus’

DSC_0641  DSC_0654

They appear mostly white at rest.                                                                                                                                                   DSC_0658  DSC_0660

In flight you can clearly see the salmon- pink on the wings and the black flight feathers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      DSC_0664  DSC_0665

This is the larger of the two African flamingos.They have very long legs and neck.

DSC_0667  DSC_0668

The face and bill are pale pink with a black bill tip.                                                                                                                          DSC_0673  DSC_0685

What a pleasure to observe this beautiful flock enjoying new feeding grounds as the Bot River Lagoon fills up.


Black Shouldered Kite

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My husband and I spotted this magnificient adult Black Shouldered Kite sitting on a telephone pole on our way to the Bot River Lagoon mouth with a dead rodent clutched firmly in its claws.

You can clearly see the grey and white feathers, distinctive black shoulder patches and striking red eyes with beautiful white tail.

This beautiful open- country raptor often perches on telephone poles and lines and hunts from these high up positions mainly for small diurnal rodents. It also hunts by hovering and then parachuting onto prey with wings forming a deep V

DSC_0342  DSC_0349  DSC_0352  DSC_0353


‘Hermanus First Fridays Artwalk’

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Come and join in the fun on the 7 August 2015 for the ‘Hermanus First Friday Artwalk’

There is artwork that will fascinate, inspire and captivate your imagination.




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There are a number of hiking trails starting in the Kogelberg Nature Reserve varying in time, distance and difficulty.

There are Day Hikes:

Perdeberg Trail which is classified as moderate to long,  22 km, approximately 7 – 8 hours.

Palmiet River Walk which is classified as easy, 10 km, easy, 3 hours.

Oudebosch – Leopard’s Gorge which is classified as moderate, 3 – 4 hours.

Kogelberg Trail which is classified as moderate to long, 24km, 8 hours.

Three Sisters which is classified as moderate , 8km, 4 hours.

Other Trails:

Houwhoek Trail which is classified as moderate, 8km, 3 hours.

Rooisand Ramble which is classified as easy, 5km, 2 hours.

Hangklip/Brodie Link which is classified as easy, 3km, 1 – 2 hours.

Enquiries:                   Reservations:

Tel: 028 271 5138       227 362 8873

There is an opportunity while the Bot River Lagoon mouth is closed for those who would like to go on a leisurely scenic hike along the beach from the Botriver Lagoon to Kleinmond.

This is an easy, 7km walk.

imagesection of map from Cape Nature ‘Kogelberg Nature Reserve Pamphlet’

Below are some photos of our last trip:

Bot River Lagoon with Kogelberg mountain in the background

DSC_0137   DSC_0143

Looking back to see Hawston in the background.

DSC_0145   DSC_0147

Kleinmond up ahead

DSC_0149   DSC_0154

Zooming in on what’s ahead

DSC_0162    DSC_0168


Finally here ….ending the hike with something to eat and drink at the restaurant up ahead,

Sandown Blues Restaurant and Cocktail Bar



Romantic Beach Horse ride

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Who says we have to hide from the cold this winter! Grab this wonderful opportunity to enjoy the day with your loved one.