Wild Horses in Fisherhaven

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Fisherhaven, Hermanus has the awesome gift of being home to a herd of wild horses which were¬†seperated by natures’ circumstance from the original large herd roaming the Rooisand Nature Reserve. You can expect to encounter these beautiful self sufficient creatures any where between the residential houses of Fisherhaven, chewing the flowers off someone’s favourite plant or pulling out a mouthful of ¬†lush grass, and the Bot River Lagoon.

The residents of Fisherhaven are lovingly watchful and protective over the herd. A horse watchers ‘whats app’ group exists to keep an eye on the whereabouts and activities. Beautiful photos and important news such as the arrival of a foal are posted on the ‘Horses of Fisherhaven’ facebook page for all to enjoy.

To protect and safe guard this natural wonder, signage has been posted asking curious visitors, who stop in for accommodation on on their journey through the Cape Whale Coast,¬†to “help us keep the horses wild, watch don’t touch”.

There is just something indescribably peaceful about watching horse politics, the way they lovingly interact with each other but also just as frightening when they demonstrate just how wild they can be when fighting breaks out between the stallions.

To be able to witness first hand what happens within this wild herd as they gracefully live out their days, the grunts,  the whinneys and nudges and movements they use to communicate with one another, is a rare privilege, one we hope and love to share with all interested travellers and nature lovers for many years to come.

Be sure to check out the photos of some of the special moments we have managed to capture of these beautiful horses on our Fisherhaven Travellers Lodge face book page.


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