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We recommend you contact and visit, Sarah Milton,

owner – operator at Equestrian Centre Overstrand and manageress at Equestrian Centre Arabella, you are sure to be in good hands.

Below are details of an upcoming event you will not want to miss.

IMG_1563horse riding

What an awesome privilege and great opportunity we have to get close to nature and experience the wild endangered African Penguin – ‘Spheniscus demersus ‘

The sad reality that demands awareness; 

In September 2010, The African Penguin was added to the USA Endangered Species Act.

It has been said that of the millions that existed years later in 2010, the number was estimated to be around 55,000.

>Commercial Fisheries have forced the penguins to search for food farther off shore eating less nutritious prey.

>Global warming has also had an impact on the food source.

>Oil spills.

>Guano was removed for use as fertilizer, eliminating the burrow material used by the penguins.

>Up until recently, ( mid twentieth century) the eggs were considered a delicacy and being collected for sale.

This is the only penguin that breeds in Africa.

Stony Point, in Betty’s Bay Marine Protected Area is a rare land based breeding colony which was discovered in 1982.

DSC_0618           DSC_0617

The board walk takes you through the colony so you can witness first hand how these magnificent creatures go about their daily activity;frolicking, fishing, diving, swimming,basking in the sun and doing what penguins do best.

DSC_0649  DSC_0627

Take a jacket or wind breaker along when visiting.

Interesting Facts:

*The African Penguin is also known as the Black foot penguin or Jackass penguin because of its donkey- like braying call.

IMG_1539penguin(Illustration: Kate Boyes  Photo: Joan Ward)

*Size: Height = 65cm – males are slightly bigger than females

*Mass: 3.1kg – female  3.6kg – male

* Start breeding at 4 years old and lay two eggs.

*Food: pilchards, anchovies, herrings, sardines, squid and small crustaceans.

* Able to dive 130m but on average to 30m holding their breath for about 2,5 min.

*Lifespan: 10 to 11 years, many live as long as 20 years and the oldest known was 27 years

DSC_0691          DSC_0601

*The feathers insulate penguins from the cold but deteriorate and need to be replaced annually.

At Stony Point they molt in November and December.

DSC_0625              IMG_1540molting(Photo: Joan Ward)

*The average swimming speed is said to be 7 km per hour but I have heard hear say of them being able to reach 10 – 19 km per hour hunting or to escape danger.

Named after Harold Nixon Porter, the botanical garden is a wonder world of trails and walks.


On arrival you can ask for the comprehensive map of all there is to offer.

There is also a Bird List available.


1. Disa Kloof WalkAs a result of flooding in 2013 this walk has been closed due to damaged bridges and is under repair.:(

2.Fynbos Trail 1,850km and takes approximately 60 minutes.

There are over 7000 plant species in fynbos. This vegetation grows only in the Cape provinces of South Africa and it is adapted to harsh growing conditions; nutrient- poor soil, needs fire and survives strong winds and drought.

I am mesmerised by the simple beauty of the subtle colours,textures and intricate designs.



In the early day humans used plants to provide relief from various ailments.


Board walk through wetlands

3. Zigzag Border Trail4,220km. A good level of fitness required and not recommended for those suffering a fear of heights. It takes approximately 2 – 4 hours.

*Trail from Oudebosch to Harold Porter NBG

This is a one direction trail; starts at Oudebosch and ends in the Garden proceeding via the Zigzag Trail.

To walk this trail:Please book with Cape Nature 021 659 3403 for necessary information and a permit.

Looking for adventure? Operating daily, SA Forest adventures promises ‘ The Ultimate Adventure’

*Tree top ziplines


Duration: 1h30- 2h30

8 – 10 m above the ground

Thrilling experience for the whole family.

Strapped into a full body harness by an expert guide you slide on zipline cables through the Hemel en Aarde Forest from one platform to the next.

*River Rafting & Tubing – Palmiet World Heritage Site

Distance: 11.80km

Duration: 2 – 3 hours

*Quad bike trails

Go for a quad bike ride through Hamilton Russel Vineyards estate and the Southern Right wine estate in Hemel en Aarde Valley.

This is a leisurely drive and can be enjoyed by the whole family from the expert driver to the novice.


Require a minimum of 8 players. 

Distance: 8.13km

Duration: 2 hours


One of Africa’s highest Commercial Sandboarding Dunes in Betty’s Bay.


Duration:2 hours

The Bot River Lagoon, Klein River Lagoon and the ocean provide a water sport paradise for kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and power boating.

Sea kayaking trips: Weather permitting trips are arranged three times a day from the Old Harbour.



Kayak, wine and picnic lunch tours on the Klein River Lagoon are arranged for groups of five or more. Contact Walker Bay Adventures on 082 739 0159 for more information.

Sailing:The Hermanus Yacht Club is situated on the banks of the Klein River Lagoon welcomes day visitors. Contact the club on 028 314 1420 for details on the activities programme.



Activity on the Bot River Lagoon



Motor boating and Skiing,


Kayaking and kite sailing weather permitting.

Kayak girl Kayaking trip with family

Fishing: The rock angling possibilities on our coastline attract many a fisherman to the bay which offers galjoen, steenbras, cob, red roman, silver fish, red stumpnose, john brown and many more.

Fishing permits can be bought from the post office.


Fisherman showing off the Steenbras he caught, well done!

DSC_0133 DSC_0577


Good news for Fishermen? Well, this man seems hopeful of getting his share. The Commorants were diving and feeding in their thousands at the old harbour in Walker Bay this morning, 27 May 2015.On enquiring at the Info Centre, the Whale Crier informed us that the birds are feeding on Sardines.



                             TASTING & SALES                             CONTACT      

Beaumont:            Mon to Fri :09h30-16h30                 028 284 9194           

                                 Sat: 10h00- 15h00  


Benguela Cove:   Mon to Sat: 10h00 – 17h00

Sun & Public Hol. 10h00-16h00                                      076 164 3596/ 082 499 9774

image1Benguela vineyard 2       image1Benguela wine

Gabrielskloof:   Mon to Fri:09h00-17h00

Sat & Public Hol. 11h00 – 15h00                                      028 284 9865

Closed on Sun.

Luddite:           By appointment please.                        028 284 9308/ 083 444 3537

Paardenkloof:  Tasting and Tours by appointment

Sales: Mon to Fri: 09h00- 16h00                                    028 284 9824/ 079 504 3593

Wildekrans:    Weekdays: 09h00 – 17h00

Sat, Sun & Public Hol. 11h00 – 15h00                             028 284 9902



                    TASTING & SALES                                         CONTACT

Ataraxia:   Mon to Fri: 09h00 – 16h00                              028 212 2007

Sat & Public Hol. 10h00- 17h00

Bouchard Finlayson: Mon to Fri: 09h00 – 17h00          028 312 3515

Sat: 10h00 – 13h00

Creation:   Daily between 10h00 and 17h00                   028 212 1107072 673 1880

Domaine des Dieux: Daily  11h00 – 16h30                      0283132126

Closed Christmas day & New Year

La Vierge:                Mon to Sun: 10hoo – 16h00              028 313 0130

Newton Johnson: Mon to Fri: 09h00 – 16h00                028 312 3862

Sat: 10h00 – 14hoo

Restless River:   Tasting by appointment only                028 313 2881/ 082 650 3544

Spookfontein:   Tues to Sun: 10h00- 16h30                    074 585 8878

Sumaridge:      Mon to Sun: 10h00 – 15h00                     028 312 1097

Wine Village:  Mon to Fri: 09h00 – 18h00                       028 316 3988

Sat: 09h00 – 17h00

Sun: 10h00 – 15h00

There is seating available on the patio outside the guest lounge and in the front garden.


DSC_0027DSC_0067IMG_0783Guests in front garden

The Lodge offers secure, enclosed parking.

The lounge and kitchen, situated downstairs, is available to all guests staying at the Lodge.

The lounge offers comfortable leather couches, Dstv and a selection of board games available in the coffee table drawer.



The kitchen is fully equipped for self catering on a roster basis if necessary and includes a dining table and a automatic washing machine.



Guests are welcome to relax and enjoy the facilities in the Pool Room.

Watch the game on tv, use the indoor or outdoor barbeque facility (depending on the weather), play a game of pool,catch some rays, take a dip in the indoor solar heated swimming pool, pump some iron in the mini gym or take it easy and read a book the choice is yours.




The Fernkloof Nature Reserve covers approximately 1800 hectares. One minute you’re walking through a forest scene the next you’re climbing up rocky cliffs. There are 60km of scenic walking trails of varying degrees of difficulty, which includes the cliff path along the coastal strip bordering the town of Hermanus.

There is an overnight hut on Galpin Peak for those keen hikers that want to experience everything the Nature Reserve has to offer.


There are four principal circular trails which are colour- coded as Blue, Red, Green, and Orange routes.These are clearly indicated by signboards and paint marks.


The Fernkloof Nature Visitors’ Centre.

Here you will find the hikers’ map showing all the official trails in the reserve providing route descriptions with distances and time estimates for the four principal routes. ( The Hermanus Botanical Society commissioned the map which welcomes visitors and new members.)

There is also a beautiful display of named fynbos flower specimens and posters illustrating features of the fynbos.



According to the information provided the fynbos is one of the most diverse yet distinctive floras in the world, characterised by evergreen heaths and shrubs, and noted for the Proteas.

It has been recorded that six of the seven endemic plant families and over 1600 species of the Cape Floral Kingdom are represented here.

Here are some beauties we encountered on our walk 21 May 2015DSC_0372DSC_0377DSC_0382DSC_0385







Here are a few examples of our adventure following the Orange Route

This is a moderately arduous walk with some steep sections and magnificient views of the bay and the Hemel en Aarde valley.








Dress comfortably as you are sure to experience cool and warm conditions, including good walking shoes, hat and sun screen.

Remember your bottled water to stay hydrated!